Our process

CueSupport is here to support you every step of the way, making sure that your system is safe and reliable during its lifetime.

Being a part of the BEO Group means that we have everything inhouse: design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of your system from A to Z.  

Trekwerk/TNM systems

For Trekwerk/TNM systems, either newly built or refurbished, our process follows these three phases:


Commissioning and TNM Training

The first contact you will have with CueSupport will be during the finalizing stages of your Trekwerk project. We will be included in commissioning your system, allowing us to get to know your system from the start. We will also provide your operators with a TNM Training.


Guarantee, Check-Up and First Maintenance & 24/7 Support

During this phase, we do the first check-ups of the system, perform some maintenance work and are available for show support. This can be especially useful during the first few shows. We are always available to you, with our 24/7 support team. Of course, after each maintenance job, you will receive a report based on TÜV standards. These can be used to support the periodical certification of the theatre systems.


SLA Phase

Here, we will create a custom Service Level Agreement for you, matching your needs. Thorough inspections, yearly maintenance and reports, 24/7 support, repairs, third party inspection support and showstop insurances are all available in our SLAs. We completely unburden our clients and work closely together with them to ensure smooth processes. Naturally, you will receive reports of each maintenance and support job.

Other systems

For other installations, either newly built or refurbished, our process consists of:



After your first contact with our sales department, a team of experienced maintenance engineers will visit your theatre. They will perform a thorough inspection and functionality check. We focus on safety features and smooth operation.


Repair & Maintenance plan

We offer a client-centric approach that we discuss upfront. During this phase we set up a plan that fits your needs. This could be a one-time malfunction repair, a Service Level Agreement for a longer relationship or a combination of both. We discuss different options, such as repairing or replacing components or re-engineering them.


On Site Repair

Our experienced team will execute the repair and maintenance plan conform the requirements set up front. Logistical and technical challenges are considered to ensure a smooth installation process.



After each maintenance or support you receive a report. Reports are important to prove that you have a safe and secure system that meets the SIL-3 standards. Our unique reports meet the TÜV standards and are being used to support the periodical certification of the systems. 


24/7 On-Call Support

We have 24/7 call availability. Your call will be answered by an on-call service engineer who is trained to solve almost all issues at hand within a limited time frame. Our support crew is part of the technical department.